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Tuning The Human Instrument
Liberating the human potential for unlimited abundance of health, healing, joy, prosperity and cultural wholeness.

Dr. Joe Lindley and the staff at Higher Health represent the true integration of ancient wisdom and modern medicine, maximizing the body’s innate potential to heal and rejuvenate.

Optimizing health with natural, integrative medicine for both preventative and wellness care in a tranquil, therapeutic environment with our compassionate staff.

Higher Health treats the entire family, including children, with a holistic, integrative approach using
Sequential Biotherapeutics™ including applied kinesiology and bio-marker testing and offering:

      • acupuncture
      • chiropractic
      • homeopathy
      • Ayurvedic medicine
      • energy medicine
      • herbology and clinical nutrition.

Conveniently located inside the loop in a historic cottage on Philfall Street, Higher Health is between Westheimer and West Alabama and Sackett and Bammel Lane—we're seeing patients Monday through Thursday. map

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